happy monday friends!


is it friday yet?
the weekend was nice. we spent the majority of it cuddled up watching conference (this was my favorite) and eating good food.

we also finished downton abbey season 3 (i know we were very late to jump on the bandwagon). how am i supposed to deal with that ending? i can't. also, despite what many of you said on instagram, i still do not care much for lady mary.
so there.

also, if you do not have a dog, you don't know what you're missing.


Irene said...

that's a cute smile! hahaha
p.s. i love downton abbey, just watched the latest episode from 4th season!

Jessica Holly said...

cheesy smile! Dogs are the best.

Stacy Dohogne Lane said...

Agreed. Dogs are the best. And I'm kinda on Team Edith, she just can't seem to catch a break.


Maria said...

I got into Downton Abbey the summer before season 3 started- I was really upset by that ending but am really looking forward to January and season 4! Our dog smiles too! It freaks people out because they think she's growling at them, but she's just happy :)


Grace King said...

Can I please print this picture and hang it on my wall so I wake up laughing every morning? This is sooooo funny! Love it!

Anonymous said...

We were really late on the Downton Abbey bandwagon as well. We ended up watching all 3 seasons over about 7 days, and then being devastated and having to wait about 5 months for season 4 to start.

LittleBird said...

ADORABLE! Dog smiles are the best! I'm obsessed with mine. :D


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