$6 DIY Project//Dotty


I've been pushing myself this week to create more. I made a little skirt for my friends new baby, I'm working on a fall pancho for myself and I gave this thrifted $2 vase a little make-over.
When I was at the fabric store getting supplies for the afore mentioned sewing projects I came across this gold-leaf pen and since I had a 50% off coupon, I snagged it for $4. (I'm pretty sure I was at JoAnn's but it might have been Michael's--both have apps that offer awesome instant coupons, so i recommend downloading them before you check out!)
I had found this vase last week at the goodwill and I liked the shape, but something about it reminded me a little too much of the 80s, probably because that's when it was made...so I knew I wanted to do something, and this pen made that 'something' gold polka dots!
I just freehanded the dots on, but be careful because if you put too much of the gold leaf on, it will drip--if you catch it soon enough, you can wipe it off, but once it dries, it's not so easy.
or you can buy it here
The flower is fake, but looks really real, I picked it up on a different trip to Michael's, again with a 40% off coupon.
Anyway, I'm happy with my pretty 'new' $6 vase, and I'm even happier with it, because I made it, and that's always fun!
Did you make anything fun this week? Crafts or in the kitchen? I'd love to see/hear!
p.s. thanks for sharing your states' specialties in this post! I can't wait to try them all someday!


Anonymous said...

I made enough granola to last about a month!


Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

oh my gosh, that looks delish! i've been wanted to try making my own, do you have a recipe you recommend?

K&R said...

that looks so good! i love it.
thats such a great simple update!
and hmmm i put together a desk and made some homemade pizza. better get to crafting!


Michaela said...

Lately I've been loving creating beautiful flower arrangements. Yeah, I kind of buy myself fresh flowers a lot. I get them at the farmer's market or at trader joe's because you can buy a few small bunches and make a bunch of pretty arrangements.

I'm also currently sanding down some stumps for some future furniture pieces and working on about twenty other projects!

Always fun to create!


Stacy Dohogne Lane said...

I've been whipping up stuffed elephants...I'm on #3. They're such a fun, easy project! Love that vase :)


Irene said...

I didn' have time for crafts BUT I did a new recipe from Madagascar!! I'm all about trying new recipes from around the world :)

Amanda said...

Today I am making paper pumpkins to start decorating for fall. BTW I love your coasters in the last photo. Would you mind telling me where you got them?

Jessica Mungia said...

I have another week until I start school so I may have to make one for myself! http://jjlalife.blogspot.com/

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