that wall!


As promised, I present to you my DIY Geo Wall instructions!
I used the sample size Behr paints from the Home Depot--these were the colors I started out with, but ended up changing my mind a few times as I got them up on the wall.
My final colors were:
Green//Garden Sprout
Navy//Velvet Evening
Dark Orange//Mesa Sunrise
Pink//Custom Color Match (LL-4 RL-13 VUL-19)
Light Blue//Custom Color Match (EL-41 RL-11 VUL-6)
Nude//Custom Color Match (CL-17 RUL-3 TL-1)
For the darker colors, like the green and the navy, I needed more than one sample size, so keep that in mind if you choose a lot of darker colors.
I stressed about how to make the perfect shapes for months, and then final realized I just needed to lock myself in the room and start taping--after all, in my mind, DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT when it comes to house projects.

So, I randomly taped off a starting point and as I got a few painted, I changed things here and there.
As you can see, I ripped off pieces of the paint chips and taped them where I thought the colors would look best, so i could keep a visual of my color plans. It also helped me not use too much of one color--i didn't want to end up with 5 green shapes and then not have any room left for my blue, I also didn't want one side of the wall to have tons of peach and one side to have none, etc.
I won't lie, it got a little overwhelming at times--so I had to take a few breaks.
It was at this point, i really wanted to stop. I was getting impatient about having to wait for each shape to dry before i could work on the shape next to it--as you can see, the tape has to go over the painted triangle in order to paint the next triangle without blending all the edges. In order to tape over it, it of course needed to by completely dry. I think the whole project took me 3 days.
p.s. I prefer the green Frog Tape to the blue tape--but i ran out half way, so I used some of both.
When it was all said and done, it was totally worth all the hard work--i get giddy every time i walk by this room--it's such a happy space for a my craft room and i'm really proud of how it turned out!
If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave them in the comments!


Jen said...

It's so creative! I love it!!!

Aiketa said...

I really like it too! I love all the colors and I think it would cheer me up every time too.

K&R said...

it looks soo good!
im so excited for when we move, then i can do something fun like this!


Irene said...

i think it is a very creative and original project and sooo perfect for a craft room! good job :)

Le Mode Accessories said...

So fun looking! Great job!

Alyssa Monahan said...

It really looks amazing! It's so balanced, how awesome that you eyed it all! Inspirational!

look a little closer said...

this is amazeballs. seriously. love it! great job and thanks for sharing how to do it! if only i lived in a house where i could do it. although, maybe i'll try it on a canvas!

Megan said...

love love love this wall!!! obsessed with it really.

kait said...

So cute and creative!! Love it.

Natasha Trunova said...

You did a great job!!!

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