must haves when packing for europe//


Remember when I went to Europe in May and had the adventure of a lifetime with Marcus? The adventure in which we took literally thousands of pictures and somehow none have ended up here? Well, that's because I just finally got done narrowing down just the photos we took while in Denmark (only one of the 4 countries we stopped in) and it was still 532 photos--ugh...this is taking forever!
But I've had people emailing me telling me they're making plans to head over the pond and they want to know what to pack--I hope to get a whole packing tips post up sometime, but until then I just wanted to do a quick post of my very, very favorite items I brought with me:
1. A classic and timeless trench coat. 
I got mine here from sheinside, which I would totally recommend--it's lightweight, so I never felt stuffy or too hot. It isn't heavy, so it wasn't a pain to lug around when I needed to take it off--plus, i steamed it before I left and it stayed wrinkle-free the whole trip. (buy similar here)
2. A pretty scarf. 
You've probably heard that everyone in Europe wears scarfs--but if you didn't believe it, let me tell you, it's true--EVERYONE, at least every woman. And since I basically wore this trench coat everyday, that like I said, I love it, but it's just...khaki, so it was fun to have a scarf that popped. Mine is an old one from j.crew, but there's a similar one here ($9), here ($19), or here ($26).
3. A dark pair of jeans or pants.
I got mine right here ($45) and wore them probably 15 of the 21 days we were there. They were so comfortable, went with everything, they kept my legs warm (and allowed me to not waste time shaving my legs every morning), plus they were a really dark wash, so i felt comfortable going into fancy places like castles and cathedrals. They're also quite thin, so the didn't take up any space in my bag and they miraculously never stretched out.
4. Remix Vintage walking shoes.
I can not tell you how much I love these shoes. CAN NOT! I think I wore them everyday, but two and those two days were the only two days I had sore feet. They are so incredibly comfortable and because they're a (low) platform, I could use them as a dressy shoe for Sunday. Plus, I got complimented by a few europeans, so that was fun :). They weren't cheap, but they were the best purchase I made in preparation for Europe in my opinion--thanks to the awesome recommendation from the lovely ladies at Frances Vintage here in Phoenix.


Camille said...

Wow! What a fun outfit. Love those shoes :)

Irene said...

i also love scarves! of any kind and any fabric! you can find them everywhere! i just bought one today at the sales :) with lots of mustaches! hahaha but i won't use it until after summer :( it's too hot.

Jo said...

So funny to read about the scarf thing. I've heard it a lot before. I'm Belgian and I just don't see how all Europeans wear scarfs. :) I certainly don't.

Marilyn said...

My favorite is your scarf. A very timeless recipe for good travel. Those pants look great too.

Ashley Elizabeth said...

My husband and I also went to Europe in May and we literally walked everywhere! Comfy shoes were key for me! Also, a few cardigans were perfect for changing the look of an outfit.

Anonymous said...

those shoes are AHHmazing. Totally putting those on the list for our next euro trip.

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