ups and downs.


Well, I guess the time has come--it's been almost three years and last weekend we had our first fight (at least that i can remember) as a married couple, and when I say fight, I mean--he did something dumb that he admitted was stupid and felt terrible about it, but I was still really hurt over it. So, although I knew i needed to forgive him, it was going to take some time of me not talking to him, him showing up with flowers and chocolates (I didn't realize that was a real sorry gesture), and then me forcing him to talk more about it before I could accept his white flag peace treaty.

Tears and hugs and feelings of betterment followed.

I know i'm lucky to have found someone just right for me. I love him--sometimes things he does really annoys me (i'm sure the feeling's mutual), sometimes I think about what it would be like if I would have chosen someone else to spend my life with, but at the end of any those times, I come back to the realization that he was just the right choose for me.  
He's humble, and sweet, and good, and low-drama, he loves me, and we fit.
And so I'm lucky (even if it takes somewhat strange events to remind me just how lucky I am).

Choose a good one, girls. 
It's the best investigate you'll ever make.
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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you and feel the same way about my's funny how sometimes we need to be reminded why we love someone isn't it!
and love your look as usual!

Kayla FrecklesinApril said...

If it took THREE YEARS for you to have your first fight theeen I think you picked the right person for you. Ours happened within the first month!

(We're lovers AND fighters :)

Beverly Houpt said...

Whoa, that's pretty good. Three years! I think we fought a lot in our first year of marriage (transitioning stuff) but each year there seems to be less fighting :)

shelby mae said...

i'm loving your hair in this post. so cute.

Kailee said...

I love the way you put that.."the best investment you'll ever make." Too true. And seriously, your first fight after three years is dang amazing!

Emily said...

What is your lip color? Love it!

JustineSearle said...

I love how real your blog is. I always seem to be agreeing with what you are saying, it's like you're reading my mind... I guess that is why I keep coming back for more! I find your blog so relatable & uplifting! You're darling & you two are meant for each other! Having your first fight after 3 years proves that! :)

Irene said...

it's part of the game,not to be the same and to have differences (and even fights), it depends the kind of fight. but i think you're lucky it took 3 years to really have a fight. i think we've had three major fights in 2 years but we're so good and happy together... we get over it quickly ;)

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