on the phone lately.


finally finished a mammoth painting project that i'm pretty stoked about.
and how 'bout that pretty $30 maxi skirt that comes in a rainbow of colors? 
get yours here (if you want it long order M, if you want 3/4 order S).
got a few of our europe pictures printed using one of my favorite new summer apps--Printic.
i'm working on a giveaway, so keep your eyes open!
started reading a, so far, fascinating book that my brother and sister in law recommended, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion  
Anyone read it?
Surprise birthday party from my brother-in-law and long time friend, Sterling.
i have two talented, funny, hipster friends that are single and ready for love if anyone's insterested...;)
trying to get my behind in gear to get healthier--hitting the gym in this awesome skip-n-whistle unicorn sweatshirt for some yoga.
fresh picked, fresh squeezed lemonade picnics with my niece.
a friend of mine is starting a bakery here in Mesa called Proof--check it out if you like good things in your mouth.
loving the Frances Loves Summer magazine and still giddy that marcus and i were a little part of it.
also working on a giveaway for some of these!

What are you up to this Summer?



Jonesy said...

that painting project is amazing.
how does one become as cool as you?
is that creepy? i'll see myself out...

Kate Kubler said...

please give all the details for that wall project. I'M talking paint colors and all. love love love it!

kait said...

I agree. The painting project is amazing. I love the outfit, especially the skirt, too! Now if only I had $34...

Andrea said...

That wall is amazing. I'm currently painting our 850 sq foot apartment all white and bright, so I can relate with how time consuming painting is! Love the outfit too.

Irene said...

you did a great job with that wall, it looks amazing!!

Aileen said...

Hey Love, this is so random but Alex Hall is ready to date and she was asking if I knew of anyone. I think she would appreciate be set up.
xoxo Aileen

Bret Mortimer said...

The funny hipster with long hair. Hook it up.


georganne said...

We are so glad you were a part of our project!

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