day date to the nursery


With Arbor Day soon approaching (next Friday) I thought I'd share one of our favorite spots.
Harper's is the best nursery in town (at least that's our personal opinion).
It's been there since the 1950s and the greenhouse has all the beautiful qualities to prove it.
The staff is incredibly helpful (and dog-friendly) so whenever the weather's nice and we both have the day off, we try to get down there to pick up a new plant or just walk around and dream about what it would be like to be good at keeping plants alive.
our most recent plant purchase for our back patio <3
My idea of a dream house isn't anything big or fancy, but it would have a gigantic yard and a greenhouse fulled to the brim with plants. 
Are there any florist out there?
I'm beginning to wonder if I missed my calling in life--my idea of bliss is owning a little flower shop somewhere with beautiful weather and riding my bike around in a sundress delivering the daily orders--
Poppy investigating her namesake

What do you like to do on your days off?


Aiketa said...

And who didn't like that kind of job you described? I think it comes with a permanent smile on your face!

Since I don't have this job, I enjoy my bike rides to the library as much as possible while I cross Barcelona to get there. I discovered last Summer that it's a much better mean of transport to get there, specially for ones mind and soul.

The Waits said...

a dreamy place for sure! I need to visit! There is something so special, quiet, and reflective in a place like that. God has given us so much beauty, and so much happiness through the things he has created. thanks for sharing this lovely post. Love your photos of it too! -m

Megs said...

Sleep in, followed by brunch and maybe a little pool time!

Jessi said...

What a fun thing to do in your spare time! These photos are gorgeous, I love all the bright pretty flowers and those bull skulls are kind of a cool accent!

Rachel said...

I was just at a green house yesterday, and I was feeling so happy about the plants! The rest of the outdoor world around here is just barely beginning to turn green, so it was glorious to see all of those flowers in one spot!

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