so happy to be spending time with the precious little lives i have around me this weekend.
i've been thinking and talking about the terrible tragedy that happened on friday all weekend and a rush of sadness goes over my body thinking about it now. So i wanted to share these two articles/videos because they opened my eyes to a huge importance that we're not addresses (at least not adequately).

this first video is delivered a little harsh, but at least listen starting at {1:40} because i think it's time we make a change in what we support as news viewers. 
i understand that we need to be educated on what's going on the world we live in, but perhaps our stories can be focused almost entirely on the heros and a celebration of the lives of the people who were lost, rather than becoming strangely infatuated with every detail of the killers life.

or as this incredibly touching and eye-opening article clearly points out, perhaps we could spend time, energy, and resources on figure out a better way to manage mental health issues.

I'm praying for the families who were affected so deeply by this, I'm proud of those teachers who sacrificed their life and safety for others. I hope we can figure out a way to prevent these things from happening ever again. 

I know that God loves His children and can offer comfort to anyone who seeks it--may we each seek it.


Irene Navajas said...

it's really sad that this kind of things happens. guns are dangerous no matter what.

Karen said...

I think it is so important that there's a change in the way the media covers these things. It's strange how here in Belgium we have only seen the murderer's picture but none of the victims or people who helped. It should be the other way around really.

shelleybamburg said...

This is exactly why I haven't turned the news back on. The media is absurd and the people are gluttons for it. We should be in prayer and mourning for these families and not obsessing over the hows and whys. There are no answers. This was senseless and detrimental.

April said...

It is so true! the media has gone crazy, and all it pretty much is doing i just freaking people out.

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