fancy pants.


Hey everyone, 
hope you all had a lovely christmas holiday and are amped and ready for one of my favorite holidays, new years eve! 
Reachel throws a themed party every year, we dress up (usually in costumes), eat themed food, play games, and ring in the new year! Costumes, food and family? How could you go wrong?
I'm working on a "Best of 2012" post that will have favorite products, music, apps, etc. that i've discovered or rediscovered this year, so stay tuned. 
and the blowfish winner is announced right here!
Have fun and be safe tonight and may 2013 be your best year yet!
<<what i wore>>
bubble necklace//j.crew sale $24
chambray top//pacsun with coupon $34
arrow necklace//stella&dot gift from marcus
bracelets//favor jewelry $20 on promo and vintage


Kimberly Cutler said...

i am still so in love with the color of your hair. so in love. and you are rocking those pants. happy new year!!

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you! its been really fun to have the change! happy new years eve :)

anni said...

those pants are so awesome!!! happy new year! :)

Tanya Jean said...

Those pants are fabulous! You are adorable, girl!

Natasha Borina said...

Love your haircolour!!!!

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