date night for one.


it's been a long time coming, but i've been feeling really crafty lately and since marcus has been glued to the computer with finals and all, it's been an ideal time to catch up on long denied date nights with my pinterest boards. 
i've seen versions of these floating around, not sure if they all have tutorials attached, but this is the one i looked at for inspiration: HERE, although i ended up doing it a little differently.
i used similar supplies, but found them all at Joann's and used their app to get 40% off the most expensive item--that's right, i got a whopping $1.50 taken off my total... 
I also didn't get a huge thing of paint, so i didn't dip mine, i just rubbed the paint on with my finger. I only covered the front of the feather because the paint didn't want so stay on the back as nicely (and since you can't see the back, i didn't mind.)
I then used white sewing thread that i had at the house already to turn them into a garland and finally painted some tape gold and taped it on the wall. 
it's pretty technical stuff, i know...

The whole project cost about $9, but i still have extra gold paint and glitter to use on other projects.
Also, the pheasant feathers were gifted to me from my nephew, so sorry--not sure where you can get yourself some.

I'm pretty excited about how they turned out and will probably keep them around all year. 
Or who knows--they may turn into tree ornaments!


Kara said...

So cute!! I love decorating with things from it's extra fancy when they're covered in glitter :)

Irene Navajas said...

oh this is awesome, such a cute idea! if i lived closer to you i would invite myself over. for sure.

Amanda said...

How ironic! I made these, too! I made them after Thanksgiving dinner and somehow conned my husband into doing it, too. :) I put them on our woodland Christmas tree and FULLY intend on keeping them up somewhere else after. :)

Alli Maxwell said...

this is a really beautiful project, I love the black and gold.

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