once you see the worst in people, you get to see the best in them.


after last weekend's event which allowed me to experience one of the very low ends of human behavior, i got to experience the very highest of it. 
we have received such a huge outpouring of love through this little trial we're going through. i have gotten some of the sweetest texts, emails, and twitter/facebook/instagram messages from friends and strangers a like.
people have brought treats to our door, dinner to our kitchen, flowers to our living room, and tears to my eyes with their kindness. my brother-in-law even said i could borrow his camera for awhile.
it's alway been hard for me to accept help from others (a trait i got from my mother). i feel like i've had such a blessed life and i don't want people "wasting" their service on me when there are others who need it more, but i'm trying to learn to accept it because sometimes i do need the help and i'm probably just too prideful to admit it.
so, thank you for your support, it's almost silly how much it means to me. 
i really love you all and i love experiencing how good people can be. 
you are each an inspiration. i wish i could give you every one of you happy flowers and hugs and perpetual rainbows in your kitchens. but since i can't, please accept my sincere and abundant gratitude.


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i'm so sorry again, but i'm so glad things are looking up. so many blessings in your life, you definitely deserve them.


Jen Ray said...

It's a great feeling to feel love from others.... especially in times like these. So glad the treat helped bring a smile to your face.... and breakfast ;) haha!


kate lines said...

I just came over and caught up and my stomach dropped when I read what happened! Oh goodness, I am so sorry Ashley! That is such a freaky, scary, sad feeling. And your camera!!! I love your little blog over here, and your attitude (about this, but all the time), your clothes, your hair, and ESPECIALLY you magical unicorn finds.

Liz Ekstrom said...

You certainly have a great attitude about the whole thing, you deserve the love and support. I've seen a ton of giveaways for DSLRs lately. I feel like you've racked up enough good karma to win a new one :)

Ashley Nielson said...

you're the best. thanks jen!

Ashley Nielson said...

haha thanks liz!
i've never seen one of those giveaways. golly that would be awesome! where are you seeing them?

Ashley Nielson said...

kate! i <3 you, you always make me feel so good. thanks

Ashley Nielson said...


Cassie said...

Not a DSLR, but a fairly nice camera is half off on Groupon today:

Marielly Ruiz said...

Good luck with everything! And I see you were gifted "The Little Prince". Best book ever!

Kara Bagley said...

Do I see soap nuts in one of those baskets? I have always wanted to try those. Let me know how you like them.

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