DIY: morning! or our initials.


a few weeks ago i was picking up a little gift at anthropologie and i came across these metal letters. 
i instantly fell in love, as i have had a slight obsession with a&m ever since marcus got that engraved in my engagement ring.
i was so close to buying them, but i kept feeling like i could probably make something similar for less than $18 each, so i intagrammed this picture and a few people messaged me that similar cardboard and wooden letters were for sell at JoAnns or Michaels, you nice people even told me about apps that provide amazing coupons. <3 you!
So i drove immediately down to JoAnns with the app downloading as i ventured, found some very similar looking cardboard letters, used my newly acquired 40% off coupon, and for less than $5 i had what i needed! 
I happen to already have both gold and silver spray paint at my house, so i tried both out. 
the gold was too matte, so i went with silver. 
They're not an exact match (but could easily be with some faux distress painting), but i really like them and for $5 vs. $40, i'm very proud of myself.
now i just want to find an "&"...any suggestions?


Lauren said...

Target has lots of & on sale!

Jennifer Ray said...

Love the initials! Also seen them at Target, and i'm pretty sure they are at Michaels and JoAnn's in the cardboard or wood letters.

Julie Morrison said...

JoAnn's usually has the "&" if you want them all to match! If they don't have it in-store, they have it on their website.

Kelly Bunn said...

yeah, like previous people have mentioned, i've seen the "&" at Joann's and other craft stores. Michaels might have them or Hobby Lobby (if you have any of those stores in AZ :) ) i might have to try something similar to this, although it wont be as fun since my hubby and i both have names that begin with a "K"

Sarah said...

Check Hobby Lobby- I got almost exact copies of those cardboard letters you have (I was Anthro-dreamin' too!) a few months ago, and I thought I saw an ampersand there. Worth checking out! :)
They do coupons on their website too!

jlovesstyle said...

Way cute! I need to try this, being a bit of a word nerd over here. Really random but I just bought a metal & sign on the weekend for $5 at a thrift shop because I just loved it for decoration - I have a feeling it was a rare find but check out your local thrift stores, you never know!

Emily Stembridge said...

Love them! I did something similar ish recently but it didn't turn out nearly as cool.

Alisha Hunsaker said...

I just picked up a metal & at target on clearance for $10. Also, just so you know, there is such a thing as faux-metal spray paint. It's not much more than the regular at hobby lobby. No distressing required!

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