this day was an interesting day.


and when i say interesting, i mean, it started off dreadfully.
as many of you scholars have gathered, i reside in the desert state of Arizona.
a place i am very proud to call home.
a place i truly love about 8-9 months out of the year.
but there is a portion in the summer months, that i absolutely abhor the place.
that is to say, i'd rather be just about anywhere else but here.
thankfully, a great man named Willis Carrier invented the grand old thing we natives know as the air conditioning.
it makes this desert life somewhat bearable.

well a few days ago, that savior decided to go out in our car.
our black car.
our black car that we don't have a garage for.
we had about 100 errands we needed to run, the high was scheduled to be 106 degrees and we had no a/c.
this did not make me a happy camper. 
i begged marcus to get it fixed, but the bill he imagined in our head did not make him a happy camper.
so instead he googled it. 
which then took him to youtube. 
and one excruciating drive across town took us to a big electronics store, at which, for around $4, he bought the magic answer to our a/c woes.
one we got home it took him about 10 minutes and it was blowing nice and cold in that black-hot-as-an-oven-car of ours.

he came running upstairs with the biggest, proudest grin on his face and he proclaimed he had fixed it.
i loved that face, so i laid my appreciation on thick, and he loved it.
and that, my friends, is one of the very reasons i love the man i married.
it's the little triumphant moments that make life great.
celebrate it!
now, for these shoes. 
wow. i did NOT expect them to be this tall, but they're kind of great, right?
i feel a little bit like a super model with them on as they take my 5'6" stature up to 5'11". 
it's pretty wild up here. and because of the platform, they're not really very hard to walk in.
but that color? i die for the color. so amazing. 
stay tuned for a cents of style giveaway coming your way this week!

the breakdown:
sunnies: forever21
checkered top: j.crew
jeans: madewell


jenni austria germany said...

those shoes

McKenzie Mease said...

oh my gosh, i would melt without lovely ac in the car! thank goodness he fixed it for you.
and OH my gosh, i LOVE those shoes!!!!


Dani Shapiro said...

I die for these shoes, too! And WOW your hubby is a magic man! So impressive! :)

Fernanda said...

Love the shoes, too bad the don't come in my size.
I live in Alaska. We hardly use AC. But your hubby is cool!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ahhhh i'm from vegas and our summers are very similar. however, my husband is from gilbert and i was there late last august, so i totally know what you mean. its death. and this is just the start. it just gets to the point where you don't know what to do and nothing helps. good thing your hubby is so great. definitely sounds like something my hubby would do, google is his best friend. lastly, those shoes are fantastic, don't think i could ever pull those off if my life depended upon it, however, i wouldn't mind the extra height considering i'm 5'3" and my husband 6 feet. but you rock those girl.


Kayla FrecklesinApril said...

Those shoes are amazing! Love the color. Looks like they're sold out in my size though. Sad.

Round of applause for Marcus, though! We've had our A/C go out a couple times during the hottest part of the year. It was..unpleasant.

Ashley Nielson said...

its so nice to have a handyman. but what's a record cleaner? like for a record player? i'm so intrigued...

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you!

Ashley Nielson said...


Ashley Nielson said...

seriously, godzilla was about to break free over here...i do NOT handle heat well

Ashley Nielson said...

thanks girly!

Ashley Nielson said...

i've always wanted to see alaska! i hear its beautiful in the summer :)

Ashley Nielson said...

oh yes, someone who can relate to the desert heat!
my friend is 4'11 and she put them on, it was amazing how tall it made her! haha maybe you should try them out, just for special occasions :)

Ashley Nielson said...

ya, marcus saved my life. basically :)
bummer about the shoes though...

Jo said...

Yep! Was just looking on eBay but couldn't find one straight away. You can basically achieve the same thing with a cloth or something, but Gary insists we don't scratch our records! ;)

Irene Navajas said...

My guy's car's ac is broken too and I DIE everytime we have to take it! We have almost 40ºC everyday and it's not even June :((((

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