making daylight workshop with arrow&apple


this weekend i had the pleasure of attending a 'making daylight' workshop taught by Sarah from arrow&apple photography (she did elsie's/a beautiful mess & delightfully tacky's wedding photos which were amazing if you haven't seen them).
i had met Sarah at the Arizona Blogger's Conference that I recently attended and she was so sweet, that i knew i wanted to buy a ticket to her workshop as soon as they went on sale. 
she held it in her home, which was super cool, and felt so inviting, but that might have had a lot to do with the two loving people who reside there.
the bright orange couch was packed full of adorable women and few handsome men who were ready to learn.
sarah taught us some nifty little tricks to mimic both studio lighting and natural daylight with simple objects you may have at home or could buy at walgreens and home depot for less than $30.
i'm super excited to try out my new skills--being an "on camera flash" addict, it's going to be a challenge to not pop it, but i feel prepared now!
thanks so much for the great class, and I may just take you up on that offer of having me over anytime...i had such a great time in your home :)
you all should follower her blog or twitter so you'll be informed on her upcoming classes, some of which will be online, so even if you're not in Arizona, you can partake!
it really makes all the difference.


Sara @ Born For A Storm said...

Just being constructive here, promise. These photos are good, but to take it to the next level, look at your white balance settings. The photos are a little yellow, but if you tell your camera you're indoors, it'll try to balance them out with some blue tones. And then my only other critique is to get in closer to what you're photographing. Make it the focus of the photo and cut out the extra space. For example (using my own photos)
Just okay, but too much space:
Better, with just enough space:
I mean, obviously mine aren't perfect. But I love learning and helping other people learn, so I thought I'd leave a comment :)

Ashley Nielson said...

Thank you for the tips! I totally agree about the cropping closer, I usually do, we were just kind of in a hurry, as we were all in a line to grab a quick shot :) and i'll check out that white balance. Thanks!

Sara @ Born For A Storm said...

Hahaha I do cropping after shoots too. :) White balance is a tricky beast, but if you can master it (I can't yet), it's awesome. Do you shoot Canon or Nikon? I'm Canon and on mine, I put the white balance icon to the lightbulb for when I'm indoors.

Suzzie said...

this is sweet thanks for sharing

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