easter sunday.


we didn't have time this year for easter baskets but had a lovely easter dinner with family (it wasn't lucky charms, i assure you...) 
easter time always makes me think of this post, and as the years go by i feel like i heal more and more, and learn more and more about those experiences. I'm grateful for them, and i'm grateful that they are mostly in the past.
Time really is a wonderful thing.
Easter food
Easter runner


jlaw1407@hotmail.com said...

i am so craving lucky charms now.

scott-and-jen.blogspot.com said...

Thank you for opening up in your other post.
I think many of us can relate in our own way. going through long stretches of  hurt,depression, ect...... can be exhausting. So glad you found your light at the end:)

So excited your bright and shinning face has moved into our neighborhood:)
and I need to come show Katelyn your amazing light fixture- she would think it's the coolest thing ever :)

Carly said...

isn't spring wonderful?  glad you are out of that dark time in your life!

Autumn said...

I never commented on that post from last easter-time.  Time is a wonderful healer when everything goes crazy.  I'm not sure why things all seem to go crazy at once, but it's wonderful when we start finding peace in our lives again.

Joe Gomez said...

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