And she was gone as quickly as she came, like rain in the desert.


a surprising visit from your best friend refreshes your soul and opens your eyes to the world around you.
her stay was full of warm weather, exploring, good eats, and even better conversation.
is it july yet? i can't wait to see her again!
A stop by the Mesa Temple for my favorite visitor.
A dip in the pool with the kiddos.
a magnificent house-warming gift from a faraway friend.
the last supper before she left us.


Shannon Heart's said...

You and your BFF and so adorable and both have such radiant smiles.  Glad you had fun.

Hattitude said...

Style Blog

pretty bathing suit!! having your best friend visit when they live so far away is so good for the soul. what a nice surprise. 

talk soon wild child

Style Blog

Suze said...

Ok like everyone else is wondering, where did you get your bathing suit? So cute!!!

ashley in wonderland said...

Thank you! I got it from old navy :)

Karen said...

Visits from best friends are always epic. And I'll be joining the chorus of: that bathing suit!!

anni said...

visit from best friends are always the best, heh :D like everyone else, love that bathing suit, so cute! :3 hod did you add that bokeh to your pictures? or like what app did you use? :)

Taylor said...

Where did you get your swimsuit?? I love it. Gorgeous pics.

jenni austria germany said...

cauuuute suit.

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