a lovely weekend.
a needed weekend.
i'm ready for another weekend.
no really, is it friday yet?
let's all send good thoughts out into the universe, so we can each not only survive the stresses of the coming week, but conquer them as well! 
then we can get on to more important things like staying up way too late watching movies, laying in bed reading, bowling the worst game of your life and having way too much fun doing it, rediscovering the beauty of your downtown, and/or eating delicious meals at your in-laws.
important stuff like that.

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Jo said...

Ditto. It's already Tuesday over here so I'm already closer to another glorious weekend! Haha! :)

Sharmaine Ruth said...

Oh I love bowling! Your photos look lovely :)

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

McKenzie Mease said...

looks like the PERFECT weekend!!

Annie Hendry said...

sounds like an amazing weekend!!

Erica Jenkins said...

oooooo, i love your green headband? scarf? can't tell but either way love it. super cute.  did you think hunger games was good? i loved it.
great pictures. cheers to great weekends.

Megan Wara said...

Weekends just fly by...I agree...is it the weekend yet?? Great table setting!

Lauren Smith said...

So fun! Also, can I add that I love the Vertigo poster chillin there? I'm a big Hitchcock nerd, it's cool. Also, your blog is great.


jenni austria germany said...

your hair in the first photo. obsessed!

Shannon Heart's said...

Looks like such a fun weekend.  I love bowling too (even though I totally suck at it). LOL.


Chelsey Oliver said...

HEAR HEAR!! I'm in total agreement, and also, I love that first pic of you two.


Brooklyn @ Veggie Table said...

Such a fun weekend and yes I'm ready for another one too!

Samantha Clagett said...

Aw I love all you intagram photo ;) Wasn't the hunger games amazing!? I saw it at midnight too :) 

Sam Hermes said...

That bowling alley looks so cool! I haven't been bowling in forever. Love all of these photos! So inspiring :)

Latterdaystyle said...

I want the recipe for theose cookies. look super yummy

--heather anderson @ latterdaystyleblog.blogspot.com

Emily said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!


Jennifer Ray said...

haven't been bowling forever, kinda craving it now.

so fun my cookies added to your fun weekend:)

p.s. can't wait to see the house again once it's all finished.