Life Lately.


Do you ever just really need a puppy snuggle.
How stoked are you about the Stella & Dot giveaway that will be happening this week? I'm a little obsessed with my cocktail ring.
Marcus forget to wear his ring the other day, so i took the opportunity to photograph it (and perhaps make him feel a little bad about it...)
My mother in law just bought these tiny grapes that are delectable! have you ever tasted these things?
We're all in agreement that breakfast foods are the most beautiful, right?
and obviously, the most delicious.
and should in more cases than not include ice-cream, no?
I can say this, because honestly, i have little aspiration of looking like this lady when i'm 70. 
i really can't get over these leopard flats. to think people are spending $275 for one's that look nearly identical!
This is literally what the Arizona sky has been looking like this week. Sometimes I just really love this place.
We've been working like crazies on the new place, trying hard to move in before thanksgiving!
We're so lucky to have a place surrounded with old trees, grass and flowers!
it's semi-rare here in Arizona where rock lawns are not uncommon.
finally cold enough to don my welovecolors tights!
After Sunday dinner the Nielson nieces and nephews each shared a talent. It was quite adorable.
My nephew Cole basically looks exactly like Marcus when he was younger. Cutie!
Did you have a good week? Are you ready for another?
What are you doing to get ready for Thanksgiving?

*I'll be picking a winner for this tomorrow, so be sure and enter if you're interested!


Emily said...

I'm surprised to discover that Molly plays the guitar!

Jo said...

Loved this post!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh adorable puppy. That's so exciting that you guys are going to have a place of your own. I can't wait to see it when it's done!

Autumn said...

This looks like so much fun.  I do not eat ice cream for breakfast, but I highly doubt I will ever look like that lady haha.

Johanna said...

Breakfast is seriously the best thing in the world. Breakfast ALL the time! Good luck on the new house! I'm so excited for you!

jenni austria germany said...

that if i needed another reason to want to go to AZ.

Michaela Willard said...

I love family talent shows! And oh, those Zonie skies. Always so beautiful.

angela hardison said...

i love your leopard flats, those crepe photos are making me hungry again, and clint always forgets his wedding ring (drives me crazy).

Lindsey Soup said...

Ohhhh are those champagne grapes? Those are the best!! Also, Curtis and I are getting a puppy soon-which means lots of puppy snuggles!!

Lindsey Soup

Ellyse said...

That house planning looks super exciting! But also frustrating not having ur own place yet... grrr. 
but if it makes u feel any better at least you have awesome shoes!

kate said...

Because your flats are synthetic, and the j. crew ones are real and made out of nice leather. I guess it just depends on if your willing to spend a lot of money on something that will last you a long time.

kyliewiley92 said...

I am jealous that you are in Arizona during the perfect time of year and I am stuck in Provo. :(  AZ is the best. 
Also, if you've ever heard the name "Miss Ranelle" thrown around the Barazoto/Nielson crew, that is indeed referring to my mom who taught so many of those kids in preschool, Cole included. :) Hooray for childhood friends!

Lindsay Fisher-Collie said...

hahaha whenever my hubs forgets to wear his ring i always think about doing something mean..but i usually don't  :)

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