i'm happy.


We had such a great weekend, I feel really good and so ready to make important changes in my life to be a better person and use my time more productively. I really needed the messages I received over the past two days and I look forward to studying them further in the next months.
As I mentioned before, we watched General Conference--a world-wide meeting for our church (and for anyone else who wants to listen to a prophets voice). In it we get inspired messages from our wonderful leaders. I felt their love for us so strongly throughout the conference and I wish you all could have listened.
This was my favorite of the bunch, he's such a fantastic story teller.
I think you will really love it if you take the time to listen. 
What do you think?
What lifts you up and encourages you?


Alycia Crowley said...

I said the same thing the other day, he is such a story teller! :)

Britney said...

Beautifully stated. And, are you with me, Uchtdorf's talk at the Relief Society meeting was all kinds of amazing! I seriously need to read that talk every morning. 

Chr08006 said...

I love this post, Ashley. Isn't conference just blissful?


p.s. your post about glasses inspired me...so I ordered these yesterday...http://www.bonlook.com/product/simply-fabulous-havana

Elaina Michelle said...

Conference was amazing this year! Love this post!

Jess said...

Oh Conference is my favourite time of the year! I can't wait to watch it this weekend!!!

brittany lewis said...

i loved his talk so much, he was so funny and goofy! he really knows how to speak to us. <3

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