{Top Five} Friday


{top five} easy breezy day dates:
Marcus' job is really great because he doesn't work weekends and he usually has a day off during the week as well, so we really like to go on little day dates to keep from being bored at home all day.
Here are some ideas that could be fun for you and your significant other, or even just your friends, and the best part is, they're free!
Visit a Nursery and learn about different plants, pick up a little plant, or just take pretty pictures.
Go to Barnes and Noble or any other bookstore and pretend decorate your dream house using all their design books.
Visit Ikea (or any other fun furniture store) and play house, discuss styles and grab a bite to eat while you're out.
Find out about your local Farmer's Market, I believe they're usually on Fridays and/or Saturdays. They're fun to browse and their produce are usually better than the grocery store's.
We have one of the best antique shops I've ever been to just about 5 minutes from our house, and we LOVE to go down and admire all the beauties. Most of the time we don't buy anything, but it's still so fun to look at the wondrous things people made before the times of mass production.
What's Your Favorite Type of Date?
Fancy? Morning? Evening? Active? Relaxing?
I'm so excited that Fall is officially here and we can start doing lovely things outside without melting to death :)
Happy Fall!


jenni austria germany said...

i cannot go to ikea without eating there.  it's amazing to me, for some reason.

Aliceknd said...

I was going to say, "Wow, Marcus is a good sport to do all that girly stuff with you," and then I remembered... oh yeah, Marcus likes to do that stuff too.  :)

Emilyrosedowney said...

david and I love going to barnes and noble and dreaming of things. its such a hot date :)

Courtney B said...

Um, you are gorgeous!
And I love your date ideas!! We used to go to barnes and noble all the time and read all the magazines that we don't want to buy- but still want to read. Haha if that made sense :)

Eryka H said...

i love day dates on saturdays with my husband. we love having breakfast at this little cafe place by our house, then sometimes we go on drives and look at big houses and talk about our dream home. its my favorite!

Rachel Luke said...

So cute. I love you and your hubs together.


Irene Navajas said...

love walking on the beach when the sun's coming down... that's what i'm doing tomorrow!yeah!

Britt said...

My hubbs and I love to go stargazing! We drive up the canyon every time there's a meteor shower. We also love to have themed movie nights. Recently we made pina coladas and drank them out of coconut cup I got at the dollar store and watched Muppet Treasure Island. P.S. Do you know of any good antique stores in the Salt Lake area? 

EmmaAshby said...

I love all of these ideas! I can't wait to do some of them. :]

Erin said...

Active! We reside on oahu so there is PLENTY to do. Hikes are done most often :) 

Sherri C said...

Great ideas! My favourite type of date is where you're doing something but can still have a conversation, such as, baking cookies. I prefer evening, active...but also relaxing. I get way too nervous on dates. lol.

Also, I'm awarding you with the "Tell Me About Yourself" award! Check out this post for more info herexo Sherri

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