{Top Five} Friday


This weekend we have the pleasure of meeting our best friends Jack & Jenny at the ranch in New Mexico. They're driving from Texas to Idaho and decided a small detour was definitely on the agenda. While we're away, I predict such things as dressing up, riding quads, visiting trading posts, fill our little hearts and hands with dream-catchers, turquoise jewelry and head-dresses galore, and eating DQ Blizzards until we once again have to say our goodbyes, but do not cry in our behalf, we're very good at coming up with adventures that require meet-ups! I haven't even told you about our last...
But before we head off to the land of enchantment, we're going to the lake with some Arizona friends on one last summer hurrah (not that summer shows any signs of stopping in Arizona...)! Yippee!

And now I leave you with my {Top Five} Iphone Apps at Present:
1. Instagram (do you follow me? Then you already know how much i like it...)/Postagram (turns your instagram photos into postcards! done it and love it!)/Stickygram (haven't done it yet, but I've seen it done and I can't wait to have my own fridge so I can justify it!)
2. Seven Little Words (found this thanks to Kristine. It's my go-to game while waiting in doctors offices or the like.)
3. Kids-In-Mind (I personally don't like to go to/rent a movie, pop it in and then realize there is a 5 minute sex scene or a topless girl, so this app spells out exactly what you're getting yourself into, before you do. Very helpful while standing in line at RedBox)
4. Dolphin (New browser that uses the address bar as a google search bar as well,(my biggest complaint about Safari.)
5. Songify (totally goofy app, but it keeps Marcus and I very entertained on long drives. Basically a free version of auto-tune with backup music). We made this one for Jack and Jenny to inquire if Luke would be joining us on our New Mexican adventure. Sadly, he is not. We'll miss you, Luke!

Any I Need To Know About?


EmmaAshby said...

Hahaha. I LOVE songify. My husband and I play with that and we got my whole family making songs with it at our last family reunion. It's so goofy! I love your guys' song. :] I need to check out all of those other instagram apps though.

Holly Keenan said...

I've recently become addicted to Seven Little Words too! And songify sounds hilarious, I need to check that out. 

Libby Bartscht said...

I just got the Gorillacam app (free!) and it's a self timer, multi picture taker (takes like 5 pics a second) and frames your pics for you, it's so cool!

Savanna said...

Songify is so fun! :)

Shaylynn;) said...

I just found your blog, LOVE IT, girl:)

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