Where I'll Be This Friday.


The darling ladies over at hello there! house invited me to their Meet 'N Greet Friday, June 10th (this friday), and I'm now counting down the days, because 
1. It's going to be a blast 
2. I can't wait eat at Urban Picnic.
There will be a photo booth, yummy food, a craft project, fun girls, and information on their BIG Home & Garden October Event.
There are only 10 more tickets available, so if your in Arizona and wondering what to do with your Friday evening, look no further!
I'd sure love to meet you :)
Read about it HERE and HERE.
Buy Tickets HERE for only $10.


Alexis Kaye said...

I'm thinking about it! That sounds like so much fun! Plus I hear urban picnic is bomb!


Rosie posy said...

oh my it sounds like fun! unfortunately, not only am i not in arizona, i'm not even in the states...all the way over in the uk :'( have an amazing time though!! xx

meredith said...

super jealie. have some serious fun.

cardiganempire said...

Scout this out and tell me all about it.  I was planning on going, but I had a conflicting signature style class in Queen Creek. :(

shuggilippo said...

Thanks so much for the love we cannot wait to meet you on Friday! :)

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