arizona and my thoughts on 114 degree weather.


The summer sun is upon me and its rays pull the air from my lungs.
 Two options are before me--
I can choose to curse each day the red line inches higher and higher, or i can accept the reality that change is eminent. 
The seasons come--the good with the bad.
sunnies c/o FredFlare
And instead of focusing on the sweat on my forehead, I will avert my thoughts to the heart-shaped sunnies over my eyes. 
To the cotton dress that skims my knees.
To the polka-dotted suit that hugs my body.
The cool water that beckons me--jump in.
Never before were they needed so.

I will celebrate the river I float down, the watermelon I eat, the sandals I wear, and the roadtrips I take.

The Solstice has come. 
Summer is here.
That's a fact.
I accept it, and I love all that I can about it.

Spring will always have my heart, 
but summer has my 'now'.

Praise be to Willis Carrier.


jenni austria germany said...

2 things.
i want that swimsuit.
i want those sunglasses.

Cassandra Nafziger said...

Beautifully said....& great suit!

Ashley @ said...

What a great post! SO true. I need to embrace what each season has.

Alycia Crowley said...

I have shades JUST like these and I wore them this morning while I walked to work :)

Megan Walter said...

your swimsuit is soo cute! can I ask where you bought it from?
it is sooo hard to find modest I love when I find people who have found some!


Gabrielle Cato said...

i absolutely love the words you just shared!  you put how i feel about summer perfectly!  i love trying to focus on all the wonderful things, even when the heat is a TINY bit oppressive!  thank you!
- gabrielle

Jessica Zigenis said...

I literally cannot grasp that high of a temp. Oregon's highest is like 100, and I die. I literally melt and die. haha And I definitely never look as fashionable and graceful as you do in these pics when it's that hot! So props to you girl.

Charlotte Jackson said...

You are so cute.

I love your swimsuit!

New to the blogging world so feel free to check out mine.

Kailee said...

You are a great writer and so good at being happy with what you have right now. :) Thanks for writing this and reminding me what I should focus on.

Jennifer L Thomas said...

beautifully written! You better enjoy it because I would much rather have AZ's summer all year long than ID's winter for 4 months (it actually lasts for 9).

Highheelsandbubblegum said...

My husband and I have talked about moving to Arizona and I honestly don't think the hottest of summers is worse than the coldest of winters.   I guess I'll have to see for myself.

sugarplumsara said...

 ugh triple digits already?? I'm dreading the weather of our weekend trip to AZ next weekend for kevin's homecoming. it's gonna be such a shock from the 70's up here! I still occasinally wear a sweater!
The House of Shoes

Kadie said...

Send some of that heat up here! It might hit 70 today in Anchorage : (

CarlyAnne said...

I am a native Chicagoan but lived in Vegas for a summer, during which I roasted myself brown and skinny. :) It was mostly enjoyable, but I do remember the 110+ days making me feel a little on edge. 

Autumn said...

It's so funny because after living in the south and moving to Utah....I went back to visit and I loved every bit of that 100 degree weather.  It meant no snow.

Bobbie Erdman said...

those sunglasses are so perfect for you! i love the suit as well! embrace change!
:) Bobbi

Melissa said...

Just for a little bit of perspective, because I know 100+ temperatures are awful, but at least Arizona is a dry heat. I live in Toronto, Ontario, where the summer heat will frequently zoom past 100 F, BUT also at 100% humidity, which is absolutely unbearable. At its worst, it literally feels like you're walking around in a hot tub. So, the temperature might be 45 C (115 F), but with the humidex (yes, the weather network up here actually has a WORD that's officially used to talk about humidity!) makes it "feel like" (again, it actually says this on the weather report) 55 or 60 (131 or 140)! Add that to the fact that Toronto is all concrete, so it feels even hotter right downtown and, well, you get the idea. :) I would kill for 114 in Arizona right now. No joke!

And your sunglasses are totally fab!

Rebecca Hammond said...

That bathing suit is adorable!! 

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angela hardison said...

way to embrace it. i'm basically dying today. cute swimsuit.

Ashley Nielson said... suit. glasses.get them.

Ashley Nielson said...

thank you! here's the link they also have one's like it at modcloth

Aubrey Chevrier said...

I need to be like you and focus on the good things of summer... right now I just feel like I'm melting :)

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