Los Invitados y La Comida


So, the party was perfect.
**and i got all my finals done :)
I couldn't have been happier about how it turned out.
My family helped so much by volunteering to help with the food. 
Becky made some colorful salsas and scrumptious chicken
Kara brought rice and hand rolled homemade tortillas that I've been craving ever since, 
Reachel provided the lettucechips and guacamole
and I made the Cafe Rio Green Dressing and Cafe Rio Tres Leches Dessert with fresh strawberries that got gobbled up before we got a picture of it. 
We also had black beans, lettuce, and Mexican sour cream, and plenty of Mexican sodas. 
Mmmm it was seriously, all, so good.
Leisel and DD made beautiful Construction Paper Flowers and Tissue Paper Flowers that were so cute as our centerpieces. 
And Stel provided us with a festive latino album (whose lead singer was also the inspiration for his awesome hairdo and outfit.)
Check back later to see photos of all the decor details :)


Kayla said...

Your party looks like so much fun! I'm glad it went so well! Your shirt is the perfect color for the event!

girluntitled said...

i love mismatched chairs! how adorable is that!

sugarplumsara said...

I just need to express my love for all those different colored chairs! love the shapes and colors :)

House of Shoes

Gentrilee said...

I am so ridiculously jealous of this party!!!

Irene Navajas said...

can i go next year???? (PLEASE!)

cardiganempire said...

such a Perfect evening. Thanks for arranging it!

Rebecca Hammond said...

Looks amazing and so fun! I'm in LOVE with your shirt. Those sleeves are perfection.

Heidi said...

Seriously?? I need to move back to Mesa if you guys are going to keep having fun without me!

Jarvislaterreur said...

What a fab party idea. Love the moustaches for everyone.

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