Crazy Loco.


Did I ever tell you that I'm completely insane?
Oh, well, I am.
I'm a senior in college. 
I'm graduating this semester. 
It's finals week and I'm up to my shoulders in papers and projects.
And would you like to know what I decided to do???

Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for my very large family. 
Ya, like I said, I'm crazy.

Here are some of the party preparation pictures to further prove my insanity:
homemade piñatas
trip to the mexican market
tissue paper flowers

Hopefully my vision comes together and I can show you some beautiful Mexican inspired party pictures later this weekend!

deséame suerte


jenni austria germany said...

well first off, good luck.

and now: this sounds like something i would do. kind of like last year when i was home for 3 months and decided to take all my finals and move out of my house only 24 hours before boarding a vienna-bound plane, one-way ticket in hand. at least the party will be fun! take pics. and invite me the next time you have a party, please. airfare included.

Irene Navajas said...

mucha suerte!!! it will surely be a great party... and don't forget to get your finals !!! =P

karly leavitt said...

happy cinco de mayo! are you still in rexburg?

Mecadeecirah Murmucoturk said...

And then blog about it as well! :P
At least your procrastination took a positive, productive form!

Cassandra Nafziger said...

Fun!!! I totally didn't realize it was Cinco de Mayo until I read my blogs this morning, lol. Have tons of fun! You can't be all study, study ALL the time--you gotta throw some fun and LIFE in the mix to keep you going!

Bethall said...

sounds fun! I am excited to see how the pinatas turned out! viva la mexico!

Heather Perkins Luczak said...

oh my goodness you are so funny! don't worry, i'm complete bonkers too. I just had to get my husband to hurry and marry me before he realized it :) jk. Have so much fun! I can't believe you made pinats! your so cute! - Heather - from

Alexis Kaye said...

Dang! Not your average cinco de mayo party! Good luck!!!

Britt said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to make them? Pleeeease??

Laura said...

sounds like something I would do!

Born To Be Styled

Jamie Urlacher said...

haha, that's awesome. You're the coolest!

Andrea Hunt said...

Ash! I was looking up dates for upcoming movies and i found this:

Dec 23
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

I have NO idea what its about, but dude. you should check it out.

mat04013 said...

sometimes you just have to party

mat04013 said...

and ps my name will never show up when I post on your page. I think I'm a little slow

ashleyTIA said...

Haha! That face is priceless. :D The tissue flowers are already looking great!

Sarah said...

I'm completely insane, too, but not for throwing a party. I hope your party turned out splendidly. Photos soon, please! (:

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