te extraño.


I miss Marcus. 
He’s at the Ranch in Bluewater with the Boss and Christian.
They're killing rattle snakes and building important things.
(taken last summer)

Day one was fine. 
I was busy.
I had to run a bunch of ‘boring’ errands. 
(Did you know I love running errands?)

But it’s day two now and I want my best friend back.
It’s weird--having someone that’s always with you, and yet you never really tire of them.
Tonight I hope I dream of him in his cowboy get-up.
That sounds much better than the cat-morphing-dolphin dream I had last night.
That was some weird stuff…


jenni austria germany said...

well, last night i had a dream that kanye west and i were living in a harry potter world flying on broomsticks throughout my hometown of norman, oklahoma.

ps-i love running errands too.

emily sanofsky said...

This is so sweet!


aubreyaleah said...

lol crazy dream! How long will he be gone?

Ashley Nielson said...

Saturday evening :(

Ashley Nielson said...

ahahahha love that.

Savanna said...

You look so cute! And trust me I have had some crazy dreams!!

Virginie Lavallée B said...

Errands, hugh...

I Hope the time passes by fast until Marcus is back. I'm way impress he could kill rattle snakes.

Virginie’s Cinema

Lisa Travers said...

Hopefully time will pass SUPER quickly! and here's to not weird dreams...they're just confusing!

KJHartenstein said...

Hoping you have some good dreams!

Kristina said...

I loved this! It made me smile...that bit about being away and killing rattle snakes and building important stuff. Too good! I've never commented here and am a new follower, but I believe I've repinned several of your looks on my Pinterest board. Crazy weird, huh? I love how you always look so chic and covered at the same time. I'm a freelance clothing designer and get more criticism than you can believe about the lack of exposure in my bridal designs. Sigh...Love your blog! Keep it comin'! =)
Kristina J.

Irene Navajas said...

i love that the title is in Spanish =)
it's great to find that person you never get tired of being with!!!!!!!! if you get too bored, watch some chick flick, it helps me ;)

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