{Top Five} Friday


{Top Five} Ways to Spend $10:
if anyone knows where i can get a print of this Andy Warhol treasure. please. enlighten me!

1. Split a Cafe Rio Chicken Salad with my love.
2. Find a "cheap seats" movie theater in your city. 
(In Rexburg you can see a movie and eat popcorn for $3! Six dollar date night? Yes, please.)
3. Search for new music on itunes and make a "mix tape" for someone special.
4. Look for 2-for-$20 deals at massage schools and make it a date.
5. Get a hot-wax manicure at a nearby beauty school.

Alright, Put on Your Thinking Caps and Give Me Some of Your 
Genius Ideas!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

movie dates are just the best. especially when they are cheap. and especially when you sneak your own snacks in....also - funny you should mention the iTunes thing. every month, i email my good friend erica "erica's songs for january" or whatever month it is....5 songs i love that i think she would love, too. and that's what i'm doing right now. :) and the massage thing - GREAT idea..i don't care if it's a a massage student. a massage is a massage!

London said...

Papa Murphy's Delite Pizza, a cheese wheel and a red box--these are our stay in date nights. Almost $10 on the dot. We also hit the dollar store and pick up knick nacks we think the other person would want and then say why we chose them over a sundae or banana split. Always an adventure.

Emily said...

Best way to find cheap dates, I find, is to subscribe to Groupon or the like. I found recently 2 skateland admission with rentals and food for $20, a fun throw-back date where we can laugh and reminisce of ridiculous days past. And National Comedy Theatre (which I know you are familiar with) 2 admission for $10. Fun stuff like this and cheap food comes up all the time!

kristine said...

1. Check out free events in the area. Like First Fridays in Phoenix! And you can buy little knick knacks at the booths!
2. Save money by eating dinner at home, but go out for some dessert! Like splitting a piece of cheesecake :)
3. Rent/Netflix a season of Pushing Daisies and make a pie together. (This is cheaper if you actually own Pushing Daisies. Which everyone should.)
4. S'mores date around a fire!

That was only 4... but I can't think of any more!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Caley and Jason said...

ooooh! I never even thought about going to a massage school!! Great ideas!!
We always do redbox... much easier with a baby

Irene said...

you cannot do a lot of things with ten dollars here, that's not even €8... but in weekdays, with the student card you get cinema tickets for about €4.5. And there are some fasst-food restaurants in the area where we both can eat for about that price!! :)

College Babes said...

Get all sorts of jewelry at Forever 21! It's so cheep! Ummmm... that's all I can think of right now... --Cori

al said...

I can't believe I've never thought of the massage school thing! I'm totally checking into that today, haha!

Alexis Kaye said...

Movie bins at walmart or target! Or the clearance section. Or just TJ max in general. I was there today and almost all their belts were under $10. They had a cute skinny pink one and the buckle was a bow! $7? Yes please!

heidi lou said...

one time we each took $5 and went to Walmart and bought each other a present with the money we had. That was fun!

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