Christmas Review


First off, I just really need you to see this hair-bow. I mean, seriously. Do you even believe it? I almost don't, and um, hello, she's my niece, she lives with me, and I was doing her Christmas photoshoot. She's just too cute.
Secondly, I'm really proud of my wrapping. I followed the tutorials I linked to on Friday. 
My sister and I spend all day making these pom-poms and cupcake flowers, because they were just so adorable.
Did you try them?

Thirdly, this is what we did at 
the Nielson's house Christmas Eve:

  • First we had to "sing for our dinner." The table was set with regular plate and "special plates" with one of the verses from the 12 Days of Christmas. If you sit somewhere with the "special plate" you have to sing when your verse is up. It's Nielson Tradition. 
  • After dinner there was a talent show and a Luke 2:/Nativity Reenactment. The Bagley's always do this too. It's a good way to remind the kids what Christmas is all about.
  • The little blonde girl, Lucia, is part of a Swedish tradition that I want in the Marcus & Ashley Family someday. It's so cute, you should look it up.

Fourth, I wish cops didn't have to work on Christmas. My brother spent the whole day working. Lame. But I took this picture because it reminded me of him. I love it. I must start my nutcracker collection!
Fifth, I love Mrs. Ted Brimley aka BusyBeeLauren. Care to know why this time? She sent me a package one day and what did I find? Oh, just a perfect vintage Christmas dress. That's all. No big deal... I felt like such a lady in it. Thanks girl!
Lastly, can we just talk about this book? I mean seriously I've read it at least 6 times today and cried. each. and every time. I even cried once just watching my sister read it. 

So here's the backstory: My brother, Andrew, and sister-in-law, Reachel couldn't get pregnant. Basically everything else in their lives could not be more picture perfect, but no matter what they tried, no baby developed. Finally one day, a sweet young lady called and told them she had a baby for them. Our lives have never been the same since baby Coco came to us from California. We all love that bundle of chub and curls too much! 

Reachel wrote this book and had it illustrated by her friend Beth as a VERY special surprise for my brother, my parents, and Coco's birthmother. I'm pretty sure it takes the cake for best gift of the day! Oh my, I wish you could read it.

Here's another little inside scoop. This year, Reachel DID get pregnant and is IN LABOR RIGHT NOW!!! Little Coco is asleep in my house and we're all waiting for her new little brother to enter our family :) SOOO EXCITED <3
Oh, and yes, she was wearing these shoes when 
she dropped off Coco:

She's in labor and she's wearing these!!! haha
I may or may not have drooled a little bit on those precious peddles...

Thanks for Sharing Your Family Traditions With Me! I Loved Hearing Them.

Was Your Day Merry & Bright? 
What Do You Have Planned For the Rest of the Year?


Johanna said...

Your Christmas seems truly wonderful! And I can't believe she made a book! That's one awesome gift.

My Christmas (eve) was good. Very cold and lots of snow, Donald Duck (a Swedish tradition, just as Lucia!), presents, Christmas candy and family :)

I have to work two days this week, but otherwise I'm just going to relax. What're your plans?

Lauren said...

We did St. Lucia every year growing up! I was always the one to dress up :) When I'd tell people about it, they would be all "whaaaa?" ha!

kate lines said...

such a pretty christmas dress!

happy christmas!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love the Christmas dress - you both are looking sharp. and i love the adoption story...can't tell you how many couples i know who try to get pregnant, adopt a baby, then get pregnant....i believe it's God's way of giving someone a baby they normally wouldn't "search for". :)

communikate. said...

Hooray for Reachel and Andrew!

Lovely photos and awesome traditions!!

pst.. I believe we were in the same ward in AZ. {Same as Reachel and Andrew right? I was lame and didn't go much. Boo.}

Brooke said...

Great shoes! and OH MY GOSH that is the cutest hair bow I have ever seen!

ashley in wonderland said...

Johanna--what is the donald duck tradition? also, can you just come celebrate december with us when we have kiddies old enough to do the Lucia tradition? how cool would it be to have a real scandinavian to teach us how it's done?
Lauren--i want to see a picture of you dressed up for Lucia. I bet you were sooo cute.
Thanks Kate!
jenni--i think it is too, i don't know what we'd do without our little Coco. She's too perfect.
communikate--i wish i could have met you in the ward, how funny that we're friends now :)
Brooke--i know right????

Jennie said...

1. That hairbow is most likely the cutest thing I have ever seen. Hmmm, um, actually it is.
2. You are beautiful.
3. Am I coveting your shoes right now? Yep, okay, I totally am.
4. I'm Jennie and I'm new to your little blog, but it turns out that I'm liking these things that I see, so I clicked that follow button and now we are friends! ;)
5. I can't remember if I introduced myself before, so things may get awkward if I already did.

Love, Jennie

Emily said...

You're gift toppers turned out so cute. You can make even bigger "cupcake" flowers by using coffee filters. That is so exciting about your brother and sister-in-law. And how lovely the way God works to ensure that Coco was in the family she was clearly supposed to be in. And how fun to have a Christmas baby! You're looking great as ever. Merry Christmas to you and Marcus!!!

***Oh! and since you liked my MIL's Halloween decorations you might like what she did for Christmas. I've posted some photos on my blog if you're interested.

Johanna said...

Well, I'm a pro at Christmas the Swedish way :) I even fainted in our Lucia parade (?) which is something of a must-do.

Donald Duck is a show where he and all the other Disney characters wish us a Merry Christmas by sending cards with short film-clips. There is always the same ones and always two new ones each year (this year it was from Cars and Tangled!)
The regular ones are Mickey Mouse and his Christmas Tree, Ferdinand, Snow White, Cinderella, Robin Hood, Donald Duck in the Jungle and a few more. It begins with Santa's Workshop:
You know them by heart, but it's tradition and EVERYBODY sees it!

S said...

Your niece is so adorable:)
I didn't check out the tutorial because I was computer free during Christmas but I wish I had seen them! Those are fantastic.
What an amazing Christmas!!

brooke said...

First of all that bow hair do is sooo adorable! Seriously, too cute.
Also, that Christmas dress is wonderful!

mpierce said...

Please be gentle with that beautiful vintage dress from Lauren. It belonged to my amazing grandma and I sent it to Lauren. It is truly a treasure.


JB said...

I am thinking about growing out a mustache just like the nutcracker's. I wish we lived in a world that we didn't need cops, but then I would be out of a job and that would be lame.

mpierce said...

Please be gentle with that beautiful vintage dress from Lauren. It belonged to my amazing grandma and I sent it to Lauren. It is truly a treasure.


S said...

Your niece is so adorable:)
I didn't check out the tutorial because I was computer free during Christmas but I wish I had seen them! Those are fantastic.
What an amazing Christmas!!

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