Oh, Hail!


On the Porch

It is a Tuesday afternoon, late in October. 
I am alone on a couch, bundled up in a brown blanket and wearing my "squishy pants," the ones Marcus loves so much. 
The Dippin’ Dot-like hail falls rhythmically on a house that is already too cold.  
I woke up with dried snot covering the entire left side of my face--turns out I’m sick. 
I hate being sick. 
Though, typically, after I get over the initial “poor me” stage I tend to look at illness as a sort of Garden of Eden parallel--one must know bitter to recognize sweet
Feeling under the weather gives me the opportunity to really love my usual good health. 
That said, I felt a letter was due:

Dear God, 
Thank You for opposition in life; it really helps in building perspective. I’m sick, as You well know, and because of that I have a greater appreciation for my health. Now, that I’ve learned this--I just wanted to remind You about the excellent memory You granted me. With that in mind, I guess You can assume that I won’t need another lesson on opposition for at least a year or so…{Charming smile}
All My Love,

What’s going on 
at your house today?


e.day said...

I hate being sick but love being able to curl up on the couch and stay warm. Being taken care of isn't too bad either. :)
We are carving pumpkins tonight!
I hope you feel better; a snotty face is never fun!

Caley and Jason said...

Yikes. I was sick this weekend too. As was the husband and baby and mother. It really made singing in the car on the way to school a horrible experience... Hope you get to feeling well soon!
And I would probably eat that snow if it was on my porch. Ha. Don't judge me.

Shelby Lou said...

Today has been beyond interesting. I fasted today, and during the process, I decided that whenever I was in my car, I would skip the music and talk to my Heavenly Father. My commute to work is probably 30 minutes, it was the best Half an Hour of my week.

I love him.

and your blog.

I'm Shelby by the way! You are awesome.

ash said...

e.day-Marcus and I saw pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday and wished we were carving them! have fun.
Caley-hahaha i love you!
Shelby Lou-what a good day! and thank you :)

heather said...

Ashley my dear. you must invest in a solid base layer or long johns to not only survive the winter weather, but thrive in a winter wonderland. I should share this little tip with all my AZ cousins who have not acclimated to winter. My recent favorite brand is smartwool. wear it under everything and you will be able to stay warm and happy. Despite Rexburg being hail frozen over. I hope you feel better soon. cold and sick is never a fun combination

smartwool: https://www.smartwool.com/#/Womens/Apparel/Baselayer/
check www.steepandcheap.com sometimes they have a deal on them. or backcountry.com

ash said...

heather-i love you.

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