{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Little Black Dress


For one who has never been the most conventional dresser, when I was due at an event that called for a 
"little black dress" 
I found myself at a loss. 
But alas, I soon learned that the 
ever-flattering shade of ebony 
just needed a tiny twist to make me feel at home, whilst still retaining its classic appeal
Top: The hounds-tooth scarf, red lipstick, and the chunky white necklace gives it a vintage flair.

Dress: Homemade, did I tell you my mother's fantastic?
Small patent-leather belt: Vintage, $2
White Platform shoes: Target, $15
Scarf: Charlotte Russe (pulled off a headband,) $3
Necklace: Goodwill, $0.50

Left: The gold belt and over-sized cocktail ring make this outfit a conversation piece.
Silk Black Dress: Banana Republic Sale Rack (splurge), $80
Gold Belt: Thrifted, $1
Cocktail Ring: Forever21, $3
Dapper Boyfriend (at the time): Main Street Carnival, Priceless

Right: GIANT floral Headband, my favorite green cardi, and lacy black tights set me apart at this Mocktail Party.
Dress: Vintage Rack at Buffalo Exchange, $19
Kermit Green Cardi: Forever21, $12
Maroon Headband: ForLove, $5
Lacy Black Tights(some people about had a heart attack when i started wearing these--now they're all the rage): Target, $10
Patent Leather Heels: Ross, $15


Caley and Jason said...

LOVE, love, love! You have such an eclectic sense of style. Very admirable.

Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

Can I please be cute and adorable like you?!

ash said...

You two are too kind!
Chelsee, can i please have children as cute and adorable as yours (someday)?!

Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

Can I please be cute and adorable like you?!

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