Minty, Gooey Goodness


Your diet may hate me a little bit for posting about these, but they are just too delicious not to share the love.
Plus, who doesn't love a treat classic treat with a twist? And YOU deserve a reward!
I really like the chocolate/mint combination, but I hate that green-paste that is usually atop mint brownies. 
This idea makes all my dreams come true.

It's so easy
1. Bake one 9x13 pan of chewy brownies
2. Lay one bag of unwrapped Andes Mints in a checkered fashion over still hot brownies
3. Wait for the mints to get all soft
4. Spread the melted goodness in swirls to make it pretty
5. Let cool (I like to cut them after they've cooled a little, but not too much. otherwise the Andes have hardened and then they crack and don't look as nice for serving)
6. Enjoy!


Lauren said...

You are diet hates you. But I love you. Andes happen to be my favorite thing ever. Another fav thing to do with them is stick on into an instant mug of hot chocolate. Best thing ever.

Melissa said...

Andes Mints are HEAVEN.

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