Broadway Bagley's: 2012


Well, Reachel and Andrew did it again!
It was a night to remember and the very best way to finish off 2011 and ring in 2012.
The theme this year was Musicals, so my sister came up with the Xanadu idea and planned a special number.
It was pretty amazing.

Also, looking any kind of graceful in skates, is more of a challenge than you could ever imagine...
(you can see the inspiration in yesterday's post.)

We ate themed appetizers, played musical charades, the name game, and enjoyed mini-performances from each famous couple. 

West Side Story: Maria and Tony
Grease: Sandy and Danny
Hairspray: Link and Tracy
Saturday's Warriors
Mary Poppins: Burt and Mary
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers: Adam and Millie
 Bonnie and Clyde
 Singin' in the Rain: Don and Kathy
Miss Saigon
 In the Heights

Xanadu: back-up dancers
 Xanadu: Sonny and Kira

Happy New Year!
Don't you just love everybody's costumes?
What did you do to celebrate?


Irene Navajas said...

wow! you all look amazing and the idea is really cool!!!
my 31st/1st was spent with my boyfriend and meeting his best three friends for the first time! :)

Karen said...

Can I just say that I LOVE that you dressed up as Kira from Xanadu? A musical theatre themed party is so down my alley.
I spent NY's eve with new friends and around midnight we went to the dunes to watch the fireworks all around us with a bottle of bubbly. Fun was had by all :)

Alex Cromar said...

That is so fun & hilarious! I LOVE that idea. Looks like you guys had so so much fun... Jealous!

Cassandra Nafziger said...

How fun! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Liz Barclay said...

This is so fun! Props for dancing in skates!

taylor yves said...

Ashley I just posted about my new year's eve, in which i wore three twisted buns :) thought you might enjoy seeing how mine turned out. i'm still working on them.

ps: looks like you have a fun family. are you ALL related?

Ashley Nielson said...

hope it was the best!

Ashley Nielson said...

i'm related to west side story, the xanadu crew, mary poppins, and grease. the rest are friends :)

ThreadsAndButtons said...

Okay, it's official you and I need to be friends, because this is the BEST thing that I have ever seen.  I totally want this to be the way I ring in the new year, EVERY year!

Caroline Ray said...

Lizzie was watching the video with me and now she can't stop singing Xanadu.  Mind you, she does not even know the words and she inserts her own lyrics.  Just went on Amazon and bought the movie since I have not seen it in over 25 years.  Thanks for sharing!

Kaylambirch said...

Julie and Todd!! Love it~ I sometimes feel like I'm the ONLY PERSON that loves Saturday's Warrior!

Taeshabaldridge said...

That is freakin adorable! All the dress up ideas were so cute! Love it!

Emily Baker said...

that first picture of you came out great. the end. 

Erica Jenkins said...

okay that was an amazing video. your dance moves were something special. :) and i think it's so funny how much marcus looks like sonny. hahaha. that outfit kills me!!  

Megan Robinson said...

this is AMAZING!!! i need friends like this in my life

mimi wright said...

Such a fun night!

angela hardison said...

still pretty sad we missed it! especially your performance...haha

emily said...

fantastic idea for a themed party!!!

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