Drum Roll Please....BLOG GIVEAWAY


{Photo From Last Year}

So, remember how I said the 
*First Blog Giveaway*
 was going to happen in November?

Well I couldn't wait, and it just seemed fitting to give something involving 
my favorite creature on my favorite holiday! 
Am I right, or am I right? 

Plus Ms. Kayla-Marie's fantastic etsyshop 
is overflowing with Hocusy Pocusy Trinkets, 

So here's how you enter the drawing to win the unicorn necklace of my dreams:

1. Visit the Shop and Tell Me What You Love
2. Become a Follower 
(if you're already following tell me what your favorite part about this blog is.)
3. Tweet, Facebook, or Blog about The Giveaway
4. Do Something Nice For Someone Else Today and Tell Me What it Was (because this is the sort of thing Unicorns do)

Would You Look at That,
You Can Get Up to 4 Entries!
Now Get To It!

*Contest Closes Monday/November/8
The Lucky Winner Will Be Announced Tuesday.November.9 

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Librarian


Attention Class.
Quiet Please.

Now I know most of you were probably expecting a lesson on 
all-things-costume, I have not taken pictures of the weekend events, so instead you get The Librarian Look. 
Which is sort of costumey, right?

Nerd Glasses: ForLove $6
Sweater w/ Built in Shirt: Anthropology Sale Rack $48
Vigoss Cigarette Jeans: Nordstrom’s Rack $29
Steve Madden Black Suede Heels: TJ Maxx $25
Rhinestone Flower Earrings: Charlotte Russe $6

Well Be Safe, Have Fun, 
Avoid Eating Candy That's Already Been Opened,
 and Don't You Dare Forget to Tell Me What You Were and What SpookyFun Things You Did!
Class Dismissed.

just you wait.


My *first blog giveaway* is just around the corner...and just you wait until you see what it is!
It's fantastic. And I'm jealous.

On an unrelated note, have you seen this?

Even if you have, you should watch it again. 
It's that good.

I found this song when I was first dating Marcus and it's exactly how I felt. Listening to it brings back so many fun memories.

What Song Does That For You?

In Preparation...


This Week's To Do List:

Continue Halloween Movie Marathon:

  • The Others 
  • Rear Window
  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Wait Until Dark
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Selections from Alice in Wonderland

Finish designing and gathering Marcus's costume (very hard with only ONE thrift store in town!)
Have Marcus pin my dress for last fitting alterations
Finalize Halloween weekend plans
More School :(
Clean room and bathroom
Make bread--Mmmm
Eat load of candy corn
Organize first blog giveaway {coming in November}
Mail final Thank You cards
Make a right and proper Halloween meal
Find some time to sleep...
Return to full health

What's Your Favorite Part About Halloween Week?
or am i the only one strange enough to give it a week...?

Oh, Hail!


On the Porch

It is a Tuesday afternoon, late in October. 
I am alone on a couch, bundled up in a brown blanket and wearing my "squishy pants," the ones Marcus loves so much. 
The Dippin’ Dot-like hail falls rhythmically on a house that is already too cold.  
I woke up with dried snot covering the entire left side of my face--turns out I’m sick. 
I hate being sick. 
Though, typically, after I get over the initial “poor me” stage I tend to look at illness as a sort of Garden of Eden parallel--one must know bitter to recognize sweet
Feeling under the weather gives me the opportunity to really love my usual good health. 
That said, I felt a letter was due:

Dear God, 
Thank You for opposition in life; it really helps in building perspective. I’m sick, as You well know, and because of that I have a greater appreciation for my health. Now, that I’ve learned this--I just wanted to remind You about the excellent memory You granted me. With that in mind, I guess You can assume that I won’t need another lesson on opposition for at least a year or so…{Charming smile}
All My Love,

What’s going on 
at your house today?

The Morning Breaks


This morning I opened my eyes to this:
View from my bedroom window
I quickly woke Marcus up and made him look; he wasn't even mad. 
And, like, duh, how could he be?

It was a good morning, but I'm pretty sure there are Ice Fairies dancing in the wind...Any suggestions on where I can get some really cute winter gloves and perhaps some ear muffs?
Remember these from Disney's Fantasia? Ya, they're native to Rexburg.

For the Record.


(I am aware that most of you have already read this story via BBL, but seeing as the reason I started this blog was to keep a record of my life, I decided I needed my story in my own journal.)

I have this theory and I believe it is the reason for my abounding good luck. I am convinced that thoughts are much more tangible than most people think. I’m not implying that they can actually be touched, but that they have an existence outside of the thinker’s mind.

I believe if you think about something enough, with enough passion and faith those dreams go out into the Universe and sort of float around until they find the right person, in the right situation to facilitate the dream. This theory has been proven time and time again in my own life. And I believe that subscribing to this theory plays a huge part in it accuracy. I once referred to myself as the Queen of Coincidence, although, I don’t think it’s coincidence at all, but perhaps God keeping me entertained.

In 2004 The Notebook came out. I was a sophomore in high school and while most women were acclaiming its debut, that movie simply made me depressed. For two weeks, anytime I thought about it I would start crying. I realize that this seems bizarre, but for me, it was too darling. I looked around and did not see any boys who could provide such classic romance. Mostly, I did not see any boys who would ask me to dance in the middle of a quiet street. That was really my main concern. I needed someone to dance with me in an obscure place, under unlikely circumstances. I thought about that need for a long time. I cherished the thought, and then I let the thought go--Up and away, into the Universe.
Time went on and I stopped crying about The Notebook. I made some charming guy friends who restored my hope in classic romance. I dated some fantastic boys who took me on fantastic dates. They even danced a bit, but the dancing seemed always to take place in the socially accepted locations. So, I lived a charming life, always with something to be desired.

I knew my idea was out there, but it hadn’t found the right person to land on just yet.

One day I met a certain Marcus Nielson. I was cautious, like I always have been. Sure he was handsome, certainly he was suave, of course he came from a wonderful family—and while these things were nice, I had seen it all before; I was looking for something extra.

One evening after stopping in at MOJO on Mill we decided to stroll Tempe Town Lake. We made our way to the art center located at the very west of the park. In front of that edifice is a shallow decorative pool. My feet felt a little grimy from walking around, so I told Marcus that we should put our feet in. He was a little surprised by the idea, after all this water feature was definitely not for wading, but I can be pretty convincing and not a minute later, our shoes were off, our pants rolled up, and our feet submerged. 
In embrace we stood in the pool. The night was quiet and the stars made the water twinkle. 
Ever so subtly I felt him swaying. I held still to make certain I was not directing this occurrence. Yes, yes, it was him. Slowly, the swaying got more pronounced, until there was no denying the dancing motion. Then came the music, not from any outdoor speakers, but from the lips of he who swayed. Marcus was humming, a slow tune, as we danced close in the water.
And there it was. My dream finally found its landing spot. While we hardly knew each other, I had a feeling this was more than a coincidence…
The next few months were a whirl of movies, Coldplay, dancing, symphonies, sushi, ABBA, fairs, pumpkins, black tie events, photos, costumes, dreamcatchers, kisses, forts, and conversation.
Now there was only one problem. Marcus was only here for the semester before he headed back to BYU Idaho. Even with our whirlwind romance, he was still leaving and I still did not know what that meant. Regardless of the future I was grateful for the experience, but my heart still craved answers. I thought I might be falling in love, but did not know if he shared the idea. Unrequited love was indeed a scary thought, one I had never encountered, but I decided to keep my thoughts inside. After all, I did not even know how to formulate those words naturally in my mouth.

One evening we sat close on the couch in the parlor and read to each other about dinosaur love, narwhals, marines, nursery rhythms, and Germany. And then we got closer, but did not kiss, nor talk much. We mostly just looked. A lot of looking. A lot of thinking. I was not at all aware of what his mind was brewing, but mine was cooking with thoughts of Idaho visits...would they be welcome? uncomfortable? nonexistent? Through the silence he spoke, "My heart is pounding so hard!" His breathing was rapid and loud. He was holding tight. The thought of Love darted across my mind and was quickly gone. Marcus would never be decisive enough to declare such a statement here and now, without my assurance. But there was something clear about it. For the first time in my life I wanted to hear those words. It was something that I did not dread, but actually desired. 
Then he spoke, "I… love you. There I said it." 
My eyes shot open like the idea of its' actuality had never crossed my mind. 
"You do?! Are you sure?" I quickly retorted.
"Yes, I think so." 
"Well, good...because I think I do too." 
"I don't know why that's so hard for me to say, but I've never said that to anyone before. I hadn't thought about it until right now, and then it just felt like it, so I had to say it." 
I laughed and commended his bravery. This act of spontaneity was not in his nature and truly shocked me. 

I fell asleep that night slightly nervous. Thoughts were suffocating my breathing space: What did this mean about us in the future? What if when he really analyzed what he had just proclaimed, he regretted his dauntlessness? Or what if I regretted my confession? How did I know I loved him anyway?
But then something happened that at least soothed one of my worrisome thoughts. I woke abruptly at 5AM. I wanted him near me. Now. I was anxious for his proximity. My legs wiggled and my shoulders jumped. I could not stop smiling in nervous excitement. Sleep eluded me. I wanted to tell him that I DID love him! I knew it now. The entire day was spent in trying to keep that all-telling grin off my face. My cheeks literally ached.

When I finally saw him that evening, I felt like I had been missing one of lungs and it was found. Complete. I loved my place in his arms...and I love that all my dreams now have a landing spot.

Testing the Hypothesis: Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?


Today I'm too sick
 to get dressed up {For Fashion's Sake} Saturday.
Chamomile Tea=Best remedy for a sore throat.

You know how once a girl gets married, it’s almost inevitable that she will cut her long hair off within the first year? 

Well, I am not that girl
but I did make a major change.


Ever Since 7th grade I have had super-long, blonde hair. 
I love blonde hair. 
It’s bright. It’s fun. It’s summery. 
It’s… fried. 

Wait, last one doesn’t really fit, does it?
Though, sadly, it’s true. 

Turns out bleach can really damage your hair
If you have short hair, you can get away with it because you’re constantly cutting off the worst parts, but for those of us who can’t get ourselves to cut our long locks--you just have to deal with the nasty split-ends
And did I mention the ever-present roots? 
This was taken right before Marcus proposed <3
Oh they are cute!
I hate getting my hair done. I think I have ADHD or something (I really probably don’t) but I seriously HATE sitting still. Sitting still is especially difficult for me when it also involves a large, plastic bib/cape and a 
crown of tin-foil.
Not exactly an accurate portrayal of what it's like to get highlights,
but I thought you should see this nonetheless.

So after 9 plus years of highlights I decided to give my natural (or what we think may be my natural) color a try.
While I was in AZ Marcus fixed my 1965 Sherbet, Schwinn Traveler!
Love him.
When I flip through a magazine and see a beautiful blonde I give it a moment of silence and fight back the jealousy monster, but overall I’m really liking it. 
Who knows how long it will last, but a change was due 
(plus Marcus LOVES it). 

Really, I was just getting into the 
Idaho Autumn spirit…
Has your state put on it’s Fall colors yet?

What’s your favorite thing about the season?

Lovers of Loving Love


Are you in the mood for a good 
love story?
Date on the Ferris Wheel.
 Head on over here to learn more about how Marcus and I got a major bite from the love bug!
Do it. I dare you.

If you like what you see, go ahead--follow along.
 I'd love to have you join in the adventure.

What's Happening in Arizona...


I've been busy busy busy thrifting, gathering Halloween costumes, visiting family, and trying to keep up with my school work while in Mesa, but the BusyBee herself is going out of town this weekend and asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she's away. So, that was one more thing added to 
my list of things to get done. 
I finished it today and i think you'll like it, 
stay tuned for info on when it gets posted.

I video-chatted with Marcus tonight.

Now, I, like The Tame One, wish my superpower was the Hogwart's Apparating spell, so I could apparate to him right now.

It reminded me of the days of yesterfar, before I moved up to Idaho to be with him. We hated not being able to see each other when we talked, so we got webcams. I would run around the house testing out where the best lighting was so that I could look cute when we chatted. I would do my hair, put a good outfit on, and you're not going to believe this, but I'd alway 
brush my teeth before he called. 
I don't know what I was thinking, as if he could even see my outfit or smell my breath, but he was my date for the evening and I had always gotten ready for dates before, 
so why stop now?

 I was very glad when the time came for me to put away my webcam and instead live across the street from him, even if it was too cold, I liked having him there to see my outfit and smell my just-brushed breath...

What are you busy with this week?

{For Fashion's Sake} Saturday: Week Military


I saw this GI Joe when I walked outside this afternoon; so I felt like Military style was this {Fashion} Saturday destiny.

Earlier this week Marcus called me from school. 
He said he talked to a recruiter after his class.
 He told me that joining the military sounded cool (free school, cool uniforms, travel, early retirement, etc.).
I didn't say much. 
"Cool" wasn't exactly what I was feeling.
He said we'd talk about it later. 

The time between now and "later" brought about some weird feelings.
We did talk about it later...
I'm pretty sure he's not joining the Military. 

But that does not keep us from enjoying the 
structured beauty 
that the armed forces lend us:
Embellished Military Shoulder
^ I want that.

Shirt: Nordstrom's Rack (today)$16
Vigoss Cigarette Jeans: Nordstrom's Rack (today) $29
Leather-Studded Platforms: Hottie $33
Paratrooper Jumpsuit
Striped Cardi: Urban Outfitter $Gift
Yellow Braided Belt: Forever21 $3
Jumpsuit: Anthropologie $59
Dreamcatcher Pearl Earrings: Handmade $Gift

Vintage Khaki Canvas Dress: Thrifted (today) $6
Lace-Up Leather Heels: Urban Friends and Family Sale $40
Pearl Chandelier Earrings: Forever21 $3

Army Green Shirt: Charlotte Russe (today) $15
Blue Elastic Belt with Gold Buckle: Forever21 $4
Gold Bracelet: Forever21 $5
Distressed Jeans: TJ Maxx $15ish
Same Lace-Up Heals
Ahoy Captain

Vintage White and Navy Dress: Thrifted $4 
(I realize you can't really see the dress, but I didn't want the Navy to feel neglected...plus I love this picture.)
Sergeant Salute

Ruffle Shirt: Target $18
Military Vest: Wet Seal $17
Distressed Jeans: TJ Maxx $15ish
Red Patent-Leather, Gold-Studded Sandals: Target Sale Rack $2
Aviators: Blockbuster (in Hawaii) $5

What's Your Favorite Look?

A Girl In Need Needs Photosynthesis Indeed.


I live in Rexburg, Idaho. 
Idaho is cold. 
Rexburg is an icebox. 
shortly after I moved to this land, because I was madly in love with this man.
It is situated just so that cold air gets trapped in its valley. It is windy year-round. It snows from November to May and if you’re really lucky, you could wake up one morning in July and see your car visited by the Snow Demons (some people call them Snow Fairies, but I know who they‘re working for)!

I’ve already braved one winter, and when I say “braved” I only mean survived--I do not want you to get the impression that I was any sort of courageous throughout it. I cried. 
More than once. 

I am an Arizona girl, who should probably be a California girl, because frankly,
 Arizona is too hot. 
I find it somewhat odd that I, an ultra temperature-sensitive girl would live in two of the most extremely climited (this is not a word, but I assume you know what I’m getting at) places on the west coast.

Anyway, last week it started to get really cold. Really
Marcus was at school, so I let myself cry uninhibitedly. Not that he wouldn’t have let me cry, but I didn’t want him to feel bad that it was because of him that I was in this somewhat undesirable land.

Photosynthesis was what I needed. 

I needed home

Well, with my luck, what do you think I found on Facebook that day? 
My cousin, in Provo, asking if anyone wanted to drive down to Arizona with her next weekend. I DID! 

I told Marcus how much I missed home and asked if he would be okay if I left for a few days. I could tell, he wasn’t really jazzed about the idea, but he’s a good man and let me. 
I found a ride on the RIDEBOARD at BYU-I, made an itinerary, packed my bag, and got excited. 

I was giddy about the trip…until last night. 

We were laying in bed cuddling when it hit me: I wasn’t going to get to snuggle up to this hunk of a man for 6 bedtimes! 
(see picture of said hunk below)
We haven’t been apart since we were married. 

I told him I missed him. 
He said, “Already?”
“Yes. Already.”

He said he was excited to see me on Thursday. 
I said, “Already?”
“Yes. Already.”

While in Arizona I will fill my soul with Sunshine, but Thursday…? 

Thursday will be delightful.
Even if it snows.

© i believe in unicorns. Maira Gall.